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  Programs Tailor Made for All Needs    

"The singing lesson has been a real Godsend!" - Alison, singing student

 Piano Course  

Piano is truly an extraordinary instrument, developing the mind and broadening the horizons of both children and adults. This has been the most popular course at FMA since 2007! 

''My daughter's confidence on the piano has grown so much since her lessons started...I am amazed at how she is composing her own music already''

Guitar Course     

FMA offers tuition in classical, electric guitar, electro-acoustic  and bass guitar. These classes are tailored to the individual needs of each students and are suitable for all ages and stages.

''Our son has guitar lessons weekly, and we are thrilled with the progress he is making, as well as how much he enjoys learning this instrument."

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Singing Course

Singing enables you to unleash your artistic potential and helps you express yourself. Our Singing classes are designed to suit each individual and different styles. Regardless of whether you are an absolute beginner or an accomplished singer, our Singing Courses will help you develop your listening, rhythmic, vocal, diction and performing skills as well as will help you improve your posture, confidence and give you an insight into how your own body works. 

 Violin Course  

VIOLIN is a musical instrument with unique and brilliant sound. At FMA we offer violin tuition for all ages and levels. Our tutors are very experienced, friendly and encouraging.

Music for the Little Ones

Music for Little Ones is a course of music lessons in a form of workshop especially structured for children from 3 to 5 years of age. We embrace a variety of musical activities, games and methods of learning music.